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About Imago Story

Imago story was created in September 2016 to develop practical and insightful training for groups.

Using story telling and interactive workshops to provide excellent training to teams and bring about
change, development and growth.

After 20 years experience in Educational leadership and
development the team at Imago Story are well placed to provide insightful and thoughtful training to
develop your team.


Falling to Soaring

One day Course


Resilience is a key factor in determining success for an individual. The ability to re-shape and re-frame a situation is a key to developing resilience within a team and individuals. This one day workshop will look at factors effecting resilience and how can you develop resilience within your team. We will use story telling and re-framing exercises to develop some clear strategies for increasing resilience.




In our constantly changing and innovating society learning to use change to your advantage is a key factor in team development.
Managing change, both personally and within a team, can be an overwhelming task and the impact can be felt for many months after the change occurs. In this one day workshop we will look at strategies for communicating change. As well as techniques to recognise the impact change is having on you and members of your team.
Using story telling and other techniques we look at ways to anticipate and prepare for change in such a way that we will enable your team to thrive during a period of transition.

Falling to Soaring

Modular Course
(4 x 1.5 hour sessions)


Taking a more scenic approach to the subject of resilience, this modular approach would allow your team time to explore some of the ideas involved over a longer period of time. It would involve two hands on sessions with the team at Imago Story and two self led group activities that you would complete in between the sessions. This is a great way to get a more bespoke training on this valuable subject.

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